Artist Bio

Adviye Bal

Istanbul based painter and sculptor, Adviye Bal, has been painting almost her entire life. Being a daughter to a passionate educator, she had to study geography before her art degree which contributed her art and her world view in multiple levels.
Her paintings examine the situations of people and societies in terms of emotion, core concept and principle by removing the chronological and geographic aspects from them. This makes viewer to use their intuitions and life experiences and therefore enables them to interpret her art as a human, with human nature.
Each viewer feels and experiences her art differently. Every individual could interpret their own versions according to their own life experiences. A viewer even could interpret different meanings in different times due to the changes in their life experiences. That’s why all her artworks are unnamed.


1982- 23 Temmuz Fair Art Gallery- ERZURUM
1993- Municipality Exhibition Center – ADANA
1996- Cultural Center- ISKENDERUN
2003- Halis Kurtça Cultural Center – ISTANBUL
2007- Nilay Meral Art Gallery – ISTANBUL
2008- Activities of Turkish World- SULTANAHMET
2008- Festival of The Republic of Khakassia Live Performance and Exhibition – RUSSIA 2012- Adalı Art Gallery – Göktürk – ISTANBUL
2014- Kartal Cultural Center – ISTANBUL
2015- Demirtaş Ceyhun Cultural Center – ISTANBUL
2016- Bindallı Arthouse – ISTANBUL
2016- Center of Contemporary Art -ANKARA
2016- Curator Art Gallery-ANKARA
2016- Dar Cephe Art Gallery– ISTANBUL
2018- Bindallı Arthouse – ISTANBUL
 2020- Bursa Güzel Sanatlar Galerisi – BURSA

1991- Sakıp Sabancı Cultural Center – ADANA
1994- Cultural Festival Open Air Exhibition – TARSUS
1995- The Republic Day Exhibition – ISKENDERUN
2003- Municipality of Kadıköy Exhibition Salon – ISTANBUL 2004- Marmara University Exhibition Salon – ISTANBUL 2004- Tekel Art Gallery – ISTANBUL
2005- Municipality of Nilüfer , Konak Cultural Center -BURSA 2005- Eğitim- Sen Exhibition Salon – ISTANBUL
2005- State Art and Sculpture Museum – IZMIR
2006- Exhibition of Woman Painter from Kadıköy – ISTANBUL 2006- Trabzon Art Festival Exhibtion– TRABZON
2007- Bahariye Art Gallery – ISTANBUL
2008- Bindallı Arthouse – ISTANBUL
2008- Pusula Arthouse – ISTANBUL
2009- Izmir Painting and Sculpture Museum – IZMIR
2012- Municipality of Nilüfer , Konak Cultural Center -BURSA 2012- Pusula Arthouse- ISTANBUL

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